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A History of the BRS Museum...
What started in a restaurant window in 1981 has blossomed into an expansive attraction for the central Illinois region. Joe Kempe and Merle “Butter” Wright founded what originally was just the Bottomley-Ruffing Museum in 1981 — the Schalk portion was added later.

The idea was to honor three players from the first half of the 20th century that had ties to Nokomis and Montgomery County who each made the National Baseball Hall of Fame — Jim Bottomley, Red Ruffing and Ray Schalk.

The museum has had four homes in Nokomis during its 36 years of existence and we are excited today to bring in six more honorees, pushing the total to 111 central Illinois people who have been honored for significant contributions to the game of baseball. Congratulations and welcome!
BRS 50/50 Home Run Final Standings
Like father, like son: Kratochvils share HR Contest title with Zucker

     The 12th annual BRS Home Run 50/50 Contest did not go as originally planned. In the end, the Kratochvil family didn’t mind.

     BRS honoree Roger Kratochvil scored 237 points with his 15-man squad of MLB hitters. Not to be outdone, his son, Tim, also tallied 237 points. Those two, along with Rick Zucker shared the highest point total among the 85 entries.

     With COVID-19 wreaking havoc across the globe, the Major League Baseball season was an afterthought for many. After much negotiation and consternation, the big leaguers finally took the field in late July. They managed to squeeze in a 60-game schedule (58 for the Detroit Tigers and COVID ravaged St. Louis Cardinals). As a result, the BRS contest turned into two monthly battles and a season-long title, instead of the usual six monthly prizes and top five season-long placers.

     The combined July/August title went to Chi Cerny of Witt. Cerny’s group of 15 hitters finished with 151 points, just ahead of Jim Leefers of Coffeen (149 points).

     The Luke and Steve Johnson entry of Nokomis topped September’s list. The Johnsons pulled in 104 points, two better than the Blain and Justin Goodwin entry, and Andrew Herpstreith. Each monthly winner earned $63.75; while the three season-long co-winners each earned $78. Roger Chappell’s fourth-place finish was worth $42.50. Four entries shared fifth place, as Justin Goodwin, Brett Jackson, Katie Tryon and Shawn Murphy each earned $5.50 with their 234-point totals.

     Entrants choose 15 players among five scoring tiers, and collect points based on the number of home runs each player hits during the season. Play continues throughout the MLB season, with season-long prizes to the top five finishers.

     July/August standings: 1. Chi Cerny 151; 2. Jim Leefers 149; 3. tie, Roger Chappell and Dawn Smith 147; 5. tie, Mary Herschelman and Troy Jenkins 144; 7. tie, Eric Kingery, Sarah McKavetz and George Schneider 143; 10 tie, Brett Jackson and Doug Wernsing 142.

     September standings: 1. Luke & Steve Johnson 104; 2. tie, Blain & Justin Goodwin and Andrew Herpstreith 102; 4. Tim Kratochvil 101; 5. Marcus Clavin 100; 6. Scott Herpstreith 99; 7. Irene Johnson 98; 8. tie, Rick Zucker, Brian Flaspohler, Roger Pawlik and John Bennyhoff 97.

     Final standings: 1. tie, Roger Kratochvil, Tim Kratochvil and Rick Zucker 237; 4. Roger Chappell 236; 5. tie, Justin Goodwin, Brett Jackson, Shawn Murphy and Katie Tryon 234; 9. tie, Andrew Herpstreith and Scott Herpstreith 233.
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