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Vintage games at Nokomis a success

Three area squads that play America's pastime under rules of the 19th century appeared in Nokomis on Saturday, September 9.

The Vandalia Old Capitals, St. Louis Browns and Alton Giant were part of a three-game exhibition of base ball. Yes, the sport as it was known in the 1800s was two words - base and ball.

The teams played on the Memorial Park grounds, specifically in the open field between the South Diamond and the boys' high school baseball diamond.

There were some similarities between today's rules and the rules used at the exhibition, but there are also a number of differences in the rules these teams use. Just a few of the differences include that a ball caught on one bounce is an out; the initial spot where the batted ball lands determine if it is fair or foul (not where it passes first/third base); a player can be tagged out if he/she overruns first base on a batted ball; and a player rings a bell at home plate after scoring a run.

A perfect day of weather provided the backdrop for the teams to compete and show the area what these games are about. Vandalia was near the end of its 27-game season while the other teams also have sizeable schedules each year.

A big thanks to all of the players who made the trek. We hope to have them back again soon!