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Home Run Results for May

Avoiding any major pitfalls allowed Phil Carbonari to take the top spot for May in the ninth annual BRS Museum Home Run Contest.

Carbonari, of Arlington Heights, had all 15 of his players hit at least four home runs during May, helping Carbonari to a total of 120 points for the month. His point total was the highest among the 135 entries received and Carbonari will receive $33.75 for his efforts.

Not only was Phil the top point getter for the month, but he and Noah Carbonari finished third with 113 points; with overall leader Ben Schwab sandwiched in between with 116 points.

Fourth for May was Jim Keller with 112 points while in a four-way tie for fifth with 111 points were Sam Zucker, Rick Cearlock, Ron Crenshaw and Cynthia Crowe.

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Click below for the standings for May 2017. Congratulations Phil!